Friday, June 14, 2013

Why I Can't Write About Mexico Right Now

I've been 'off-the-grid' for about a month now.  I didn't purposely mean to abandon my travel blog (which until recently, has been rather an obsession of mine).  I apologize to anyone who looked forward to my weekly posts, and for making you wonder what's become of me.

I've been busy throwing up.  Sorry.

No, this is not an analogy for something better and more eloquent.  I have truly and sincerely been busy battling constant nausea, headaches, and total, complete, utter exhaustion.  Typing away on my computer has been the last thing on my mind.

Yes, this Wrabbit is expecting.

We're not creative enough for an announcement like this, but I like it! Via

It is nothing short of a miracle, as Joey and I have been trying for approximately three years now, give or take a year in between where we 'weren't allowed' due to my thyroid cancer and subsequent radioactive iodine treatment.  We'd all but given up, and were discussing the finer points of adoption (out-of-country or in-country?) when Mexico happened.

And this is why I am not going to write about the rest of my Mexico trip for at least another several weeks.  It makes me puke.  That is not to say that I don't like Mexico, and the mere thought of the country turns my stomach.  That would be completely opposite to how I feel about Mexico: I love the sun, I love the beaches, I love the history, and I love the people (the ones I've met so far - not so sure about those cartel guys... I don't think we'd get along so well...).

My Mexican paradise.

It is that I got so, so, so super sick in Mexico during my last couple of days there, just thinking about it brings back stomach-churning feelings.  I spent the last day in a tropical paradise with my head inside a toilet wanting to die, thinking I'd picked up some Mexican tapeworm that had also contracted Hep B.  Joey stood by helplessly as I begged for him to drag me to the beach and drown me.  We had no idea that this was only the beginning of what I'm now told is a fairly regular first trimester.  Lucky women out there!  Nobody told me 'morning sickness' lasts all day, with a gnawing, nauseating insistent puddle of bile just lurking at the back of your throat.

Still, despite my moaning and complaining, I'm completely amazed that this is finally happening for us, and I'm documenting all the adventures (good and bad, so far, mostly bad) in a journal to share with my little one for later on (like when he or she is being a pain-in-the-butt and I want to point out what I had to endure just to bring him/her into existence). I'm sure he or she will love it!

"Uncle Mortigan" helps me keep the baby journal.  He's not as into it as me...

Until then, thoughts of fresh ocean spray (ugh, that salty, seaweed smell *churn*), my brand-new scuba gear (ew, old sea water that has been zipper sealed in the scuba bags for over a month *churn churn*), and previously tasty buffet food (gag, soggy, powdered eggs under a heat lamp *churn gurgle churn*) make my stomach do flip flops and acidic squishes.  I am chowing down on my anti-nausea Diclectin pills just to get through this post.

I still want to post about scuba diving Yel-Ku Lagoon, and swimming through the thickest school of fish this side of an ocean bait ball in Xel-Ha, but give me time.  I need time to eat dry toast with butter, macaroni and cheese with tomatoes mixed in, McDonald's or Dairy Queen blizzards, and cream of mushroom soup with half a pack of soda crackers mushed in until everything settles and I feel like me again.

Holy crap - we're gonna be parents!
Well, me plus one! Yay!