10 Places You'll See on a Bus Tour of London

When I organized a Europe Trip with my junior high students two years ago, I had a huge, long list of the places and things I wanted to see in London, which was one of our stops. The travel company that was responsible for taking care of my lovely students and I did their best to accommodate my demands, and I ended up seeing or visiting virtually all of the places on my list.

Tijuana: Not On My List?

Thus far, all of my entries have been about places that I've been to, or that I want to travel to. I haven't really had a lot of "misadventures" that would make me say, "Never go to this place." A typical misadventure for me involves getting a little lost, but finding my way again after meeting new, wonderful people, and discovering new, wonderful places. Then again, I am a bit of a cautious traveler.

This story is not mine to tell. This is my husband's story, which I have entitled "Tijuana: Not On My List?" OR, conversely, "The time I nearly became a widow when my husband was nearly murdered in Mexico". I'll need his help to share it with you, as I was not present for this outlandish, outrageous, and at times comical-in-its-danger story.

Visit Rome and see the Coliseum

It's hard to put into words those moments where, upon encountering something truly magnificent from the past, you feel literally dumbstruck by what you are seeing. You feel small, insignificant, and meekly awed, but at the same, feel energized, powerful, and vibrant. It is a meeting of the past and present, and you are there to witness it.

Go to an All-Inclusive Resort (For at Least One Week of My Life)

When you travel, what type of accommodation is your favourite? Hotel? Hostel? Tent? Holiday trailer? Couch surfing? I myself am quite flexible and have tried nearly everything (except couch surfing, but I'd like to one day...) However, in all my life, I had never stayed at an all-inclusive resort. Many of my friends had, but not me. And I was curious.