Hoover Dam: A Must-Do Las Vegas Side Trip

In March of 2012, my cousin Marriann and I headed down to “Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” for a girlie weekend. We walked the Strip until our high-heeled feet could walk no more, overpaid for some glam dresses, and even ventured into a high-roller room and got a tutorial on how to play the high-roller slots from one of the casino workers. (There were two machines “on hold” in that particular room because the people who had been playing them the night before had invested over $400,000 in each machine, and were intent on winning the jackpot. My mind boggled - who has $400,000 to drop into a slot machine? How does that even work?)

Backyard Bucket List: Bellevue Coal Mine

The countdown to Vegas is on, and with that, a trip out to see Hoover Dam that I am very much looking forward to. I have also eyed up the zipline on Fremont Street, or better yet, the zipline over the Mojave Desert, courtesy of Bootleg Canyon Flightlines (oh, the possibilities!). I hope my cousin Marriann isn’t into that little thing called ‘sleep’ because my list of things to see and do is rapidly mounting! I can’t wait to go and experience the city again - but as if for the first time. I am also excited for the interesting blog posts that will be sure to follow.

Backyard Bucket List: Corn Mazing in Rural Alberta

I have been reading and re-reading my bucket list lately - usually with big, forlorn sighs because there's so much I want to do, and so little money to do it with! Today I realized that virtually everything on my list has to be done... away. Yes, it is a "travel" bucket list, but it is also, in essence, an adventure bucket list. And as I've been adding to this blog over time, there have been several entries where I didn't cross an item off the proverbial list, but I felt as if I'd had such a great time with the experience that it deserved to be chronicled here.