Drive the Dinosaur Trail in Drumheller, Alberta (Part One)

I grew up in the area around Drumheller, and spent many a fine day exploring the dinosaur-saturated streets during the summer months of my youth. It was always fun to see the variety of dinosaur statues and paraphernalia that Drumheller had to offer, but I guess when you grow up with it, it isn't super exciting or interesting.

I do remember a day in high school when my best friend and I took it upon ourselves to photograph one another with every single dinosaur statue in town (there's A LOT, so it took us all day to do this), but other than that, I didn't have much to do with Drum's tourist options. Yeah, I'd been to the museum (I'd even slept over inside of it when I was about ten years old) but even that was "old" to me.

Ride the "Manhattan Express" Roller Coaster in Las Vegas

The only thing more fun than going on rides is going on rides with other people who hate going on rides. Call me twisted, but it delights me to hear their cries of fright and anguish - it makes me laugh and enjoy the ride all the more. (This must be genetic, because my mother is the exact same way, and... oh god, I’m turning into my mother!)

It’s not that I want others to be hurt or in pain... it’s just funny that they are scared and I am exhilarated. While I’m letting out little, “Woo!” sounds, they are either shrieking, swearing, or praying to their deity of choice. It is entertaining, to say the least.

Zip Lining in Bootleg Canyon - Or Not...

Clear Coke. A long lifespan for the Hindenburg. Kevin Costner’s British accent in “Prince of Thieves”... just a few examples of things that were not meant to be. Add to this list my trip to Bootleg Canyon in Las Vegas for a fine day of zip lining over the Nevada desert. It began with a stumble, and as the day progressed, turned into a full-out trip down a mountainside - literally!