12 More Travel Quotes to Inspire You

Last year I posted an article that featured 50 of my favorite visual travel quotes, mostly taken from Pinterest but a few created by yours truly.  It has proved to be one of my more popular posts - people love to be inspired by wise words about adventure and personal growth!

Over the last year, I have slowly been collecting an assortment of other great travel quotes to add to my repertoire.  Rather than pilfer Pinterest, I have attempted to create my own visuals to go along with these inspiring quotes. (Mine are watermarked with my blog URL so you know which ones I've created.  All visuals created by me were done using my own photography.)  Please enjoy these 12 'new' favorite quotes and feel free to use them at your leisure!

The Majestic Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon of Southern Iceland

While researching the beautiful country of Iceland to determine what activities and sights were within driving distance of our planned route along the southern coast of Iceland, and which were affordable or worth the cost, I came across some fantastic photographs on Pinterest of a place called Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. (Please don't ask me how it is pronounced - I truly massacred the Icelandic language when trying to sound out any word I encountered.)  Carved 100 meters deep into volcanic rock, and ranging at least 2 kilometers, this canyon is an impressive sight indeed.  I instantly added it to the itinerary.

The Coastal Town of Vik, Iceland

The Ring Road around Iceland, although shown to be 'skirting' the coast on a map, is in reality quite a distance from the actual coast line.  While driving the southern portion of the Ring Road (Route 1 if you want to be formal) from the capital city of Reykjavik, my husband and I first glimpsed the ocean from the road as we neared the town of Vik.