Travel 2014: From Passports to Pampers

Is there travel after babies?

I have found myself asking that repeatedly over the last few months as I ponder the biggest change my life will ever have - a change that is hypothetically only 5 days away.  As excited as I am to have Peanut in my arms, I am daunted by the immensely challenging task of becoming a parent. Will I instill positive values and work ethic in my child? Will I be able to protect her while at the same time encouraging her to spread her wings and make her own choices and mistakes?  Will I become one of those dreaded 'helicopter parents' who thinks her own child does no wrong?  (Probably not on that one - I'm a teacher and I have experienced 'reality' when it comes to what kids will tell their parents and what actually happened.) Will I drop Peanut on her head or accidentally let her roll off the change table?  These are all things I ponder.