Animals of Mexico - in a Resort, That Is

What do you focus on when traveling?  The culture?  The food?  The people?

Typically, I focus mainly on exploring and learning about the people of an area, the sights and attractions, and the natural landscapes.  I am not really a huge 'foodie', nor am I a big museum person, which is odd, because I love museums. When traveling, though, I feel that time crunch and museums don't usually fit into my itinerary.  I also tend to skip over the fauna of a region - I take note of the local wildlife, but don't make a huge point of searching it out.

Life's New Journey: Motherhood!

I know this is officially a travel blog. I promise I'm not going to turn "Down the Wrabbit Hole" into a parenthood-oriented play-by-play of my child's growth and development.  (Not that those blogs aren't great, because trust me, as of late I've been reading a lot of them!)  However, I cannot resist the temptation - nay, the DUTY - to introduce my beautiful, big-eyed, intelligent, and breath-taking offspring to my readers. (And yes, she's just that perfect.)