Top 5 Things to do on Mexico's Isla Mujeres

Spring break has come and gone here in chilly Canada, bringing with it 20 more centimeters of snow (Spring, what IS your problem?).  As I gaze longingly out the front window at the piles of snow on my front lawn, with a wee little baby in my arms and spit-up on my shirt, I am remembering fondly one sizzling Spring Break back in 2011 when I journeyed to Mexico for an escape from the cold.

Travelers vs Tourists: Why I am SO SICK of this Debate

I do not rant on my blog.  I try to always keep things upbeat, positive, and hopefully, inspirational.  But I feel the desperate need to weigh on in this subject - the silly debate between what makes a tourist and what makes a traveler.  I have read about it on several blogs, seen people comment on Twitter, and even heard about it on television via travel shows and channels. So many backpackers and 'new nomads' bragging about selling their home, staying in hostels and cheap hotels, 'getting down' with the culture, making fun of people who do quick trips, stay in resorts, and visit the standard sights a location has to offer.  People who claim to be 'travelers' and not 'tourists', as if being a tourist was a disgraceful occupation. People who believe that because they do things differently, they are a superior breed of explorers.  Usually I just ignore these people.