Why I Took "Ride an Elephant" Off my Bucket List - And Why You Should Too

Riding an elephant looks fun and glamorous - but it isn't worth it.

I have always wanted to ride an elephant. I think it stems from when I was a little girl - I have a vague memory of the circus coming to my hometown and people riding the elephant there.  I was too young and not big enough to be allowed to ride, so my young self vowed to perch on an elephant when I grew up.  The goal made it to my travel bucket list (#36. Ride an elephant) and I have been waiting for my chance to check it off, complete with accompanying glorious photographs and an adorable tale.

A Visit to Versailles: Paris' Golden Palace

There are literally hundreds of amazing things to see and do in the vibrant city of Paris, France - the Eiffel Tower, cruising the Seine River, wine tastings, explore the Louvre, and so much more.  But visitors to Paris must also remember to take at least one day and get OUT of the city to stroll the grounds and palace of historical Versailles.  This beautiful feat of architecture is dripping with gold and sprinkled with opulence.