10 Things For People With Itchy Feet To Do When They CAN'T Travel

If you are like me, you are addicted to traveling. Your daydreams are all about discovering new places and experiencing everything the world has to offer. Your home decor revolves around fitting in knick-knacks from all corners of the Earth. Your feet are perpetually itching to move.

Making Memory Lane: Digital Scrapbooking with "Mixbook"

Since I began my perpetual maternity leave in January of 2014, I have felt quite out of the loop regarding my old job. My life used to revolve around constant learning: the content I taught my students, pedagogical changes and updates to the education sector, child psychology, advances in technology, etc. There was always something new to soak in. Over the last two years, life has certainly changed. I'm not saying you don't learn new things as a mother - because oh, you do! - it is just a whole different ballgame. (I can read the contents of a diaper like a fortune teller can read tea leaves, and you don't learn that at conferences...)