Return Holidays: Why You Can't Discount a Repeat Trip

I believe I can speak for all travel junkies out there when I say that traveling to new and previously unexplored places is addicting. The thrill of seeing something amazing for the first time, or undergoing a totally new experience, gives those of us who love travel something equivalent to an adrenaline rush. The anticipation of an adventure somewhere new is almost as exciting as the journey itself.

Strolling the Banks of Lovely Lake Louise in Alberta

While I have lived in Alberta, Canada all of my life, I freely admit that I have not yet explored every nook and cranny of my province's various natural regions. It is a big province with much to offer, so there's no shame in admitting that I have a lot left to discover. I AM a little embarrased to reveal, however, that I have never laid my eyes first-hand on one of our most famous gems: Lake Louise.