Biking in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park

It is almost Christmas here in Alberta, Canada, and the snow is piled high on the ground. I have escaped the confines of my home, where I am trapped indoors with my two energetic and stir-crazy toddlers, to the local library which features a very popular train table and of course, lots of fun books for the kids to occupy themselves with.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach: The Glitz and Glam of Miami Beach

In October of 2016, my husband and I had the opportunity to stay in a five-star hotel resort in Miami, Florida during Joey's annual work AGM. We would probably never have had the chance to stay in such a swanky place on our own, so I was incredibly excited for the occasion to explore a hotel of that rating. (Thank you, MNP, for the amazing work retreat! It was fabulous!)

Stroll the Grounds of Villa Vizcaya in Miami

Miami might be most famously known for its neon lights, wild nightlife, and sandy beaches. But those features only scratch the surface of what the city of Miami has to offer. An amazing variety of art instalments, historical buildings, and unique architecture can be found both in the mainland portion of the city and on the various islands, or 'keys', around the area.